Operating Within The Orange Light System in 2022

10 January 2022

Hello All!

I hope you had the opportunity to welcome the New Year with family and friends. Wouldn’t it be awesome to gain some normality in 2022? Despite the evolving pandemic saga, I believe we shall get better with adapting.

Close Contact Businesses

Since 3rd December last year, Body Dynamics has been operating under the Ministry of Health guidelines. Additionally, the government has legislated and mandated double vaccinations for all health professionals in close contact with clients. As a result, your therapist is fully vaccinated and has received a booster as well.

Abiding With Legislation

However, you may be interested to know, Body Dynamics is categorically a “Designated Health Service” provider thereby, subjected to Code 103 0f the Health Order. Hence, it is exempted from requiring viewing and verifying vaccine passes. Therefore, no display of the “vaccination certificates” sign as an entry requirement to the clinic. Instead, a two-person limit and the QR signs will be visible.

Risk Management Plan

By now, we’ve been well-informed of how highly infectious the Omicron variant is. To curb its transmission, Body Dynamics employs the following measures to keep the therapeutic environment as safe a possible for all clients during treatments:

(a) Vaccination Status
All clients booking an appointment will voluntarily disclose for scheduling purposes. Your response is confidential and will be respected.

(b) QR Code
Please scan when you arrive at the clinic.

(c) Masks
Worn during treatment to reduce the risk of transmissions.
Clients who cannot wear one due to health or other valid reasons (risk assessment on a case by case basis) will be required to have received an exemption from the Ministry of Health.

(d) Hand Sanitation Gel. Soap and Water.
Readily available at the clinic entrance and in the clients’ toilet.

(e) Ventilation
A bright, well-appointed and generous sized treatment room with cross-ventilation on opposite walls ensure fresh flow of air exchange. (A large window and three panels sliding/stacking doors)
Besides, the number of appointments is limited (for the day) and is well-spaced at 45 mins – 60 mins intervals to allow for airing, disinfecting, and changing linens.

(f) Disinfectant
Ethanol/Alcohol-based will be applied to all work areas, apparatus, benches, door handles, faucets and phone screen between each appointment.

(g) Social Distancing
What to do should you arrive early for your appointment? You may like to wait in your car. Alternatively, you may wish to sit comfortably in the garden courtyard to enjoy some fresh air or under cover in peaceful surroundings if you prefer.

(h) Sickness
What to do should you feel unwell? Please refrain from or reschedule your appointments in two/three weeks. Please self isolate should you develop Covid symptoms, tested positive, or have close contact with Covid positive persons.

(i) How to recognize Delta/Omicron symptoms?
The common symptoms include fever, tiredness, dry coughs and loss of smell and taste. Less common symptoms are aches and pains, headaches, sore throats, red or irritated eyes, diarrhoea, skin rash/dis- coloration of fingers and toes.

(j) Added to the above plan, health practitioners like myself wash our hands often with soap and water between all appointments. Further, you may noticed us using a hand sanitizer gel during treatment to help to prevent the spread of the Omicron/viruses/bacteria.

Finally, Body Dynamics re-opens on Friday, the 28th January. Do get your bookings in prior to secure the best dates for your requirements. (Some clients are already off the mark!) Until then, keep safe and enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday!

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