Had a very successful massage with this lovely lady.

I love that she takes her time to find out what is troubling you holistically.
Thank you so much.

Sandra Dunn

Remedial, Shoulders and Arms

Suannie, omg you truely are amazing!

My shoulders and arms are in a mess and the relief I had just after my first visit was unreal.

You are a very knowledgeable practitioner, explain everything as you go and have a lovely comforting personality.
Many, many thanks.


Wellness / Remedial

I was treated to an appointment with Suannie after a long haul flight from Scotland.

Following a reassuring initial assessment I experienced the most thorough, gentle and caring full body massage. I left Suannie’s feeling quite zoned out and fully refreshed.

I can’t recommend Suannie’s magic touch enough.
Thank you Suannie!



An excellent and deeply knowledgeable practitioner, focused bodywork for great results.

Simon Chapman

Post Surgery/ Womens’ Health Hernia and Hysterectomy.

I have recently had to visit Suannie for some Post Operative Massage after a hernia repair. I initially went for my scar tissue and Suannie worked on massaging my whole tummy area.

I noticed a huge difference after my first visit. The massage helped to relieve the soreness of my scar tissue but also helped with swelling internally.

I would recommend Suannie’s soft therapeutic massages for anyone post-surgery.

I also went to Suannie after a hysterectomy, and she did post operative massages then too which helped so much with all the internal swelling etc. after surgery.

Thanks so much Suannie – I look forward to my next massage! 🙂



Suannie is very well qualified and knowledgeable when it comes to massage techniques.

Her healing touch was crucial for me at a time of great pain and limited movement, for my injury. Eternally grateful.

Marie Fitzpatrick

Remedial, Lower Back Pain

Suannie, I just wanted to let you know my back is so much better. It was still painful on Saturday but much better since Sunday.

Thank you so much for squeezing me in on Friday!!


Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Arm

I was recently diagnosed with secondary lymphadema after a fractured humerus last year.

I had my first treatment manual lymphatic drainage massage after which I had the best nights sleep I have had since before my fracture.

Suannie medical background and specialist advice and massage is incredible.
So pleased I was referred to you by Susan.


Remedial Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back

I highly recommend Suannie.
She is one of the rare practitioners who understands the body as a whole system and has a variety of techniques and tools from a variety of different schools of thought.
She will find out what’s wrong with you and help fix it.


Post Breast Cancer Surgery. Remedial, Lower Back.

Suannie is amazing! I highly recommend her she has helped me immensely, after my breast cancer surgery and treatment.

I also have suffered from lower back pain for many years, and I’m pleased to say after one or two treatments spent working on my back, I feel great again.

100 percent recommend Body Dynamics.


Remedial. Abdomen and Sciatic

I had pain and tightness at my abdomen. The Sciatic pain was also an issue.
Before I made an appointment, I went on Suannie’s webpage.

I felt assured by the positive testimonials and thought she might be the right therapist to help me.

Suannie is professional, friendly, easy to talk to and genuine. I felt at ease around her calm and gentle manner.

My abdomen felt so much better, and I consistently felt an overall improvement after each treatment. I no longer suffer from pain, tightness or functional issues at my abdomen. The Sciatic pain alleviated after my first treatment.

I highly recommend Suannie. Her effective treatments reflected on her massage skills and knowledge. I look forward to my next appointment.

Vonnise Shirley

Remedial. Neck and Upper Back.

I had been struggling with a long term sore upper back and neck that was not responding to many different attempts to fix.

I came across Body Dynamic and decided after reading the many positive testimonials to make an appointment.

Meeting Suannie on my first appointment was so refreshing, she completely listened to what I was suffering from and over a couple of sessions I was moving with no pain.

The treatment I have had has been life changing for me, I have energy to do so much more and doing garden and cooking is no longer a painful chore.
No pain relief needed.

I would highly recommend the treatment Suannie can offer, and I will be returning to make sure my body can cope with calving. Thank you for helping me know I do not need to “just live” with pain.

Thank you Suannie for your care, knowledge and skills.

Sheena O’Reilly

Remedial. Neck and Shoulders.

I have had painful neck and shoulders for many long years. I have been to many therapists, seeking help.

But have found most don’t get down to the root of the problem and don’t actually work on the area where you are suffering. Am so pleased I found Suannie.

She listens and works quite different to others. Very happy I went to her. Looking forward to my next appointment. I highly recommend Suannie.

Barbara Evans

Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Remedial, Ankles, Knees and Legs.

Initially, I was skeptical of massage therapy. Some friends within my social circle found it ineffective when they had massages. I found Suannie’s website, liked what I read and decided to make an appointment.

I worked long hours on my feet and my legs ached during work. By the end of the day, I was in pain. It didn’t improve even when I was resting. I was in pain at night and couldn’t sleep.

Suannie explained clearly the causes of my pain. She is friendly, professional and used language that I could understand. I felt at ease as she’s easy to talk to. The treatment room is clean, bright and had a calm peaceful atmosphere.

She spoke about the effects of sugar in my diet, how it affected my legs and health in general. I was advised on reducing sugar intake and exercising.

I had Manual Lymphatic Drainage and was measured for day and night medical compression garments. These arrived timely and is comfortable. The swelling on my legs were much reduced.

On following appointments, Suannie worked on my feet, ankles and legs. I previously had a Total Knee Replacement. There was numbness, pain and the skin felt like a tight band around my knee.

Suannie resolved those issues after some treatments. I wish I found Suannie earlier and would come for treatments sooner. I’m able to work long hours now, without pain and I sleep well at night.

I choose to have weekly treatments and I highly recommend Suannie. She has healing hands.

Chrissy Alush


Remedial. Upper, Lower Quadrant and Extremities

Remedial massage: Suannie is a marvel. I hobbled into her studio with muscle aches in my back, butt, shoulders feet and legs.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and gradually the small Fiber nerves have ceased to work causing muscle spasm and tension. Suannie’s healing hands have worked magic over the past month.

I’m standing straight and taller, lifting my feet and bending my ankles. Besides that, I’m feeling so much more energized and getting out of bed I no longer wonder if I’ll be able to straighten up each morning.

Suannie thank you for such amazing healing massages. I’ll be back.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

I made my way to see Suannie after being informed that I probably had “Lipodema”.

The Lymphatic massage/drainage was wonderful and gentle and produced obvious results, it changed the feel of my legs from my very 1st session.

Suannie had a wealth of knowledge of “Lipodema” and discussed what she could do to help me and also what I could do to help myself.

Suannie is professional, friendly and a wealth of knowledge with magic hands, I would highly recommend her.


Remedial. Post-Surgery, Chest, Arm, Neck and Scar Tissues

OMG! I can’t thank you enough! For 3 years I haven’t let anyone touched my chest because of the pain and yucky scar.

But today I decided to bite the bullet and let Suannie work her magic. My arm / shoulder done things today it hasn’t done in years at the first treatment.

I’m in heaven, I can lift my arm without having needles in my muscles / nerves. I’m going to sleep well tonight. I feel fantastic, relaxed and looser.

Suannie is highly recommended.


Remedial. Shoulder, Back and Headaches.

After a year of physiotherapy, steroid injections, acupuncture and strengthening exercises, I had given up.

I had accepted my change of posture, ongoing shoulder soreness and reduced range of motion. I even accepted that it was likely to result in a change of career in the near future.

Because of increasing back pain and headaches, reduced energy levels and going through boxes of pain relief. I ended up googling massage therapists.

The difference Suannie made after the first treatment was unbelievable. I did not expect that any treatment could instantly reverse years of poor posture, stiffness and soreness.

It sounds like a cheap sales pitch, but I felt reborn. I now realize how much my soreness was influencing my energy levels.

Suannie is honest, caring, knowledgeable and shows great passion in getting you right! And no back-to-back appointments, rushing or waiting rooms!

If you have ongoing problems after injury, or a physical job that knocks you around…

I can highly recommend contacting Suannie to see if this could work for you.


Remedial, Neck and Shoulder

Suannie is highly professional and after a full review proceeded to work on my problem areas of neck and shoulder.

Today is the first time in 18 months that I have had a full day pain free. I am aware there will be more treatments.

But I am exceptionally happy with the results of my first visit. Highly recommend


Remedial, Shoulder, Neck and Back.

I have been knocked off work for two years with a neck injury which affected my left shoulder for 2 years. As a result, I’ve been heavily medicated with muscle relaxants and other medications.

Due to my health condition and living with chronic pain had me at my lowest point ever. For that reason, I’ve decided to seek massage therapy and found Suannie on google.

I chose her over other therapists because I liked what I read on her webpage. Incredibly, one visit/treatment with Suannie has completely freed my shoulder instantly. It was the weirdest feeling leaving the clinic without my pain.

If you suffer chronic pain, you have to book an appointment with this wonder woman.

Graham Lumsden


This is the most amazing massage I have ever had.

Such a wonderful experience to feel heard and helped in such a professional and friendly manner.

Well worth the time and investment.

Annelize Prinsloo

Post Surgery, Knee

I had a appointment with Suannie this afternoon. I had a accident, in 2013, and had a rod and screws put into my lower right leg.

The rod and screws were taken out 4 weeks ago. However, I have quite a lot of swelling in my leg, in discomfort for quite some time and I also had trouble with my veins.

I found my time with Suannie this afternoon so beneficial. Furthermore, my leg felt a lot more comfortable at the suture site, and not so much swelling.

I look forward to heading back to see Suannie next week, for another session.


Remedial, Foot and Manual Lymphatic Drainage

I have been to Suannie twice for lymphatic drainage. On my second visit was asked if I had any other issues.

I’ve had problems and pain with a bone spur on my foot since December (eight months) and have tried many other remedies

But after only 1 session with Suannie, the pain has been halved. Looking forward to more treatments and being pain free.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Suannie has a caring touch which has relieved my body of excess lymph fluid. I feel 10 years younger!


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Suannie has helped my pain from cording and is very good at getting my lymph fluid moving.

She has also helped to soften my scaring so I can use my arm normally. Even though I have been doing the prescribed exercises it is a real relief and relaxing to get massaged by Suannie.

I totally recommend her as a therapist.


Remedial, Post Trauma

I work in a local sawmill so my work is heavy. It use to aggravate my shoulder with great pain as I had a muscle tear on my shoulder.

I found Suannie to be very friendly and her personality very caring. As far as her performance as a professional she was very focused on what she did with my shoulder injury and has had great results with my pain relief.

Suannie has helped with my injury and I recommend Suannie as a great professional in her field of work. Thank you Suannie for your support in my injury recovery.


Remedial and Post Surgery

I have a serious degenerative condition – Syringomyelia (spinal cyst). I had surgery 10 months ago to insert a shunt into my spine, but did not benefit from this.

I could not drive due to loss of sensation in my feet, and was in danger of losing my job due to this and chronic pain. I benefited from seeing Reflexologist Julia Mandle.

However, on recommendation of a friend, I decided to complement her work with several sessions with Suannie.

Suannie gives 110% and works on each problematic area with each session. I can now walk better, with greater balance and mobility, and can drive.

My pain has been reduced significantly, and my stamina has increased to the extent that I am now not housebound, and able to complete heavy manual work around the house.

The benefits remain after each treatment of Suannie’s hard work, whereas previously my problems would default back to the previous pattern.

I have seen many massage therapists and Suannie is by far the best. I cannot recommend Suannie more highly – a life changer.


Complex Lymphatic Therapy

I was grateful to find Suannie via the internet after suffering from Lymphedema in my left leg since puberty (now age 27). She helped me and gave advice when GP(s) or my specialist didn’t seem to care.

I had been “dealing” with this medical condition on my own since basically being diagnosed 10 years ago. It has been progressively getting worse over the last 4 years.

Finally, made me want to do something about it (self doubt and hoping it would go away on its own is one of the mental battles I struggled with for a while).

After finding Suannie and having our initial consultation I felt heard, listened to and knew she could and would help me. Suannie not only helped with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

She commenced Sequential Intermittent Compression Therapy and Wrapping Treatments to help the swelling go down.

Besides, she also helped with sourcing the correct compression gradient stockings/garments that are fitted to your leg(s)/feet.

Further, Suannie empowered me with education on self – care daily regime and long term management of my condition. Moreover, she has great advice/feedback due to her extensive medical background.

I am now on the road to saving for my own compression pump, with the guidance and recommendation from Suannie. Going forward, I am excited to see my leg improving.


Remedial. Upper and Lower Quadrant.

I was highly recommended to Suannie after my friend, went, and is now able to continue working and riding horses into his 70’s.

Body Dynamics has now helped me immensely! Although I am only 32, 13 years of the same work has begun to show itself- contributing to pain in my neck, shoulders, down my back and arms, negatively affecting my work and my hobbies.

Suannie could see the problems even before starting for the first session.

After the first remedial massage and applying the advice given for stretches, posture and breathing, there has been such a positive impact.

I am feeling better, and after a second session, am well on the improve.

Suannie is so attentive and skilled for remedial massage, I’m so happy I found her!

Nichola Oldenhof
Alley Cat Tattoo

Remedial and Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Suannie is really good and thorough. She has provided me with the best therapeutic massage in a long time.

More importantly, for the first time in 3 years I am able to walk with no pain.

I would highly recommend Suannie to anyone but especially those with chronic pain. I’m a regular customer now.

Tanya Joubert


The therapy was good and I have booked for another appointment.

Sellou Barry

Remedial, Shoulder and Neck.

Best massage therapist I have ever visited. Suanne treated me for shoulder mobility and neck pain.

Both issues have improved significantly after only one visit, she really knows what she is doing.

I will definitely be going back.

Bruce Balfour

Remedial, Hips and Lower Back

I had a wonderful experience here! I was just passing through Invercargill and was having some hip and lower back pain.

Suannie was extremely attentive and seemed to really care about getting me healed.

I will definitely recommend. Thank you!

Isabel Barnwell

Remedial, Lower back and arms

After a back and elbow injury 18 months ago I had physio treatment via ACC which concentrated on the injury zone. To be fair I got some relief and carried on working with horses doing farrier and horsemanship and riding work.

Over the last 3 months my back and arms were becoming pretty uncomfortable, and I was struggling to stand up straight and was losing bending range with my arms.

To be fair I’m 74yrs old and was being told by a number of people say I should be retired. However, I’m not ready to give up something I really enjoy doing. On the recommendation of a friend I have been going Suannie for treatment.

After just 4 treatments the change has been amazing. I stand up straight away after bending under a horse trimming feet and have improved movement in my arms. I would recommend Suannie to all tradies who want to keep working pain free.

Wayne Meredith/Horseworx

Remedial, Elbow and Fingers

I recommend Suannie for a great treatment…I have been suffering from Tennis Elbow for years. She finds the pain points and helps so much.

I’ve had years of physio and never got the same results. Also my arthritis pain is improving!

Can’t wait on my next treatment.

Susan Leggett

Remedial, Post Injury

Suannie you are a gem!
I have been going to Suannie regularly over the last few months as was having a lot of foot problems.

She took time to get the full picture and offered good advice and work her magic. Even used her training and skills in strapping my foot for a walk I was planning which worked well.

Then this week a hamstring injury with lots of bruising and after a session I’m walking much better and the bruising is better too!

Professional, helpful, knowledgeable, skilled, kind, a wonderful human.
Thank you. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth Simonka

Post Surgery

You, Suannie, are just wonderful. I feel so much better after just one visit. Cannot wait for next time.

Debby Nichol


I went to Suannie for treatment of a very painful elbow and after the first treatment there is already less pain and more mobility.

Definitely recommend Suannie. Her nursing background, gentle manner and massage knowledge is evident in her treatment.


Post Trauma/Remedial

Highly recommend for injury recovery or general well – being. Magic hands and amazing knowledge of the body and the story pain or stiffness is telling.

Thanks for the pain relief you offer me, Suannie.

Julie Swain

Post Surgery Massage/Scar Tissue

Suannie, has a wonderful bedside manner the way she cares for you in her service as well as her confidence through her nursing background.

It was such an empowering experience by the way you were so gentle in touching post surgery area.

Thank you for making feel at eased and amazing first results. I would strongly recommend Suannie.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

I originally went to see Suannie to measure up for compression for Lipoedema and Lymphedema but together we decided I would benefit from manual lymph drainage prior to ordering.

I visited over five weeks and over this time I have had a visible reduction in lymph fluid (especially around my ankles and knees, improvement in skin look and texture, and a huge reduction in pain and inflammation.

Suannie is professional, and a very skilled massage therapist. Her knowledge of my condition was definitely appreciated.

Avril Best

Post Surgery

After a mastectomy with total lymph nodes removal I went to see Suannie with a stubborn seroma that had not decreased in size over the last 8 months.

With Suannie being a registered nurse for many years and her professional and lovely personality I immediately felt reassured of her integrity as I have a high chance of lymphedema developing as a result of my surgery.

I cannot believe how in the first appointment already I can see a decreased in the size of the seroma but also the muscles in my arm and chest felt freer. I highly recommend Suannie.

Barb Irwin

Post Breast Cancer Surgery. Scar Tissue Management.

I have always loved massages. However, I didn’t know if I was going to love this one.

It would have been 11 weeks since my double mastectomy with breast reconstruction, and still I was scared to touch the scars I now had.

But when Suannie began the massage, my fears fell away. Her touch was soothing and had just the right amount of pressure to soften the tightness in my muscles.

She also had a way of keeping a conversation going that did not distract me from enjoying the massage. I am so glad I experienced such a skilled professional at work.

My first session has done a lot for my body, and it has also done plenty for my peace of mind. Thank you, Suannie! I look forward to the next session.



I just had the most amazing relaxing and therapeutic massage with Suannie at Body Dynamics!! She is kind and gentle and has nursing experience which is helpful knowledge for confidence in my trust for a wellness massage. I feel like a new, younger woman. Thank you Suannie.

Mary Frances Forrest

Remedial, Legs

Amazing service. I limped in and walked out. Highly recommended. Very professional.

Mike Lemalie

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Absolutely amazing service. Incredibly informative, professional and highly skilled therapist. Will definitely continue to use Suannie

Highly recommended if you are looking for lymphatic drainage, I had excellent results.

Charlotte Wouda

Remedial, Pelvic

Suannie was quickly able to pin-point my problem area and explain to me what exactly it was.

After a range of movements and massage therapy, Suannie released the tensions I was feeling. I left my massage therapy session with restored full range of movement and no pain.

Thank you for improving my life quality again Suannie! I will definitely be back! Highly recommend!

Maja Paterson

Post Breast Cancer Surgery Massage

Suannie is professional, friendly and easy to talk to. She is brilliant to deal with and I felt comfortable with the clinic setting.

The massage treatments were first class. I noticed the tightness around my chest was reduced significantly.

I could moved my left arm and shoulder much easier without feeling the counter pull under my arm and chest. I now have full overhead movement.

I would definitely recommend Suannie.

Elizabeth Breen

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Went for my first appointment with Suannie on Fri. What a treat. Explained everything to me. Top class. Highest point for all round cleanliness and nothing leave to my wondering what it was. Soothing hands. Thank you Suannie.

Lynley McKerrow

Remedial, Neck/Back

Great for neck/back pain. Left feeling lighter. Definitely will return, Suannie is the best!

Wiremu Thomas – Jackson

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Scar tissue Management.

Suannie has helped my pain from cording and is very good at getting my lymph fluid moving. She has also helped to soften my scaring so I can use my arms normally.

Even though I have been doing the prescribed exercises it is a real relief and relaxing to get massaged by Suannie.

I totally recommend her as a therapist.

Debbie O’Connell

Remedial, Neck and Back.

Suannie goes above and beyond and really looks after the client, she’s friendly and caring and really knows her stuff.

I look forward to my monthly visits, she will get you back moving freely in no time. Highly recommend.

Candice Sellars

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Very relaxing and therapeutic.

Nicola Brandsen-Caldwell

Remedial, Neck and Lower Back Pain.

Amazing, really good. She is super friendly and caring too. Totally going back and totally recommend!

Cristian Diaz

Remedial, Shoulder and Arm.

Very good. I’ll be going back.

Tony Paul

Remedial, Lower Back Pain.

The massage was excellent. I had pain in my back, and the massage helped me a lot to reduce the pain. Great customer service. Thank you!

Andrea Garcia

Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Therapy

Professional and friendly approach which puts you at ease straight away. Suannie has given me relief from vascular issues, after years of pain.

The massage was incredibly relieving. I felt a ‘gush’ (for want of a better word) heading back up towards my heart.

I can’t recall a time that my legs felt this good. I’ll be back. Thanks again!


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

For the last 4 weeks I have been having Manual Lymphatic Drainage done by Suannie. What a positive change. I am finally losing weight after years of holding fluid. I feel so much lighter, and my legs don’t feel like led anymore.

The color, texture and shape has changed for the better. I had tree like trunk legs but now I am seeing shape to my legs. I only had 4 treatments and noticed a lot of changes. I’m waiting for my medical compression garment, Suannie ordered for me.

What a blessing to have found you Suannie. You are very professional and Southland is very blessed to have you available. You’re very knowledgeable for sufferers like me. I have Lipedema and it’s only you that has found a way to treat my condition finally. So, thank you once again.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Scar Tissue Therapy

It’s one of the best decision I’ve made to come for therapy with Suannie.I had swollen ankles, heavy and tired legs after work. My job is a physical one.

Suannie worked on my scar tissue at my right thigh. I also had Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and was also fitted with a pair of medical compression garment which helps with my aching legs.

I would most definitely recommend Suannie. I found her easy to talk to, friendly and professional. I have decided to come for monthly maintenance massage.


Post Knee Surgery

7 months Post Knee Surgery, (Total Knee Replacement) had a fall. Two sessions and I’m totally back on track. Thank you Suannie


Remedial, Neck

Totally recommend this lovely lady! Had been a pain in the neck for the past week, lol, HAD a pain in the neck for the past week.

Got treated yesterday and wow so so much better. Pain-free today, first time in 8 days!!

Yippee, a big thank you to you.

Joan Mills

Remedial, Post Injury

Suannie is amazing. She fixed my injured foot and now I walk better than before. And she is very polite and very professional.


Post Breast Cancer, Manual Lymphatic drainage and Scar Tissue Release

I can recommend Suannie.
I went to her last week with swollen ankles and limited arm movement after a mastectomy and lymph nodes removal.

She explained what she was going to do and worked on my scar tissue and massage my shoulder which meant I was able to get more movement from my shoulder.

She also massaged my legs and there was a noticeable difference in the amount of swelling afterwards.

It was a gentle and relaxing treatment. Looking forward to my next treatment.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Have suffered swollen legs for the last few years, feeling very self-conscious. My doctor told me about a year ago I had Lymphedema. Because recently my legs have begun to ache and look even more swollen, I decided to try and find a massage therapist, as my doctor wasn’t very helpful in this area.

I found Suannie’s web page and liked what I read. I make an appt for today and was very happy with the information, time and consideration Suannie gave me. She is very thorough and explained that I may appear to have a condition similar to Lipodema and what the plan would be for me.

I could feel the effect on my legs straight away as she massaged. I look forward to my next appt next week. Such a lovely lady and makes you feel comfortable. Thank you, Suannie.


Remedial, Lower Back Pain.

Thank you Suannie, with the pain in the lower back gone and plenty of movement now.  Feel completely different to yesterday and thanks for seeing me so quickly.

Andrew Forde

Post Surgery/Scar Tissue Management

I would recommend Suannie for post knee surgery massage. (Total Knee Replacement)  She has helped me to get better movements in my knee and reduced swelling. She has also worked on my scar tissue.

Marian Hay



Suannie is amazing. Very professional and knows what she is doing. Had an amazing sore knee therapy. I would highly recommend her.

Chethana Dias Nagahawatta

Personal Wellness


Suannie made me feel totally comfortable which gave me the ability to fully relax. Her massage skills and personality were professional, in an atmosphere which everyone will enjoy. I fully recommend Body Dynamics.


Remedial, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

I have been going to Suannie for MLD as part of my Lipodema treatment plan.

The results I have had from my treatments are amazing. Suannie has great knowledge of a very unknown disease.

I would highly recommend her.

Cindy Kennedy

Oncology Massage

A friend referred me to Suannie three months after I completed chemotherapy and Radiation. I was suffering from a severe constant pain at various parts of my body, including my knees. I could not sleep, and fatigue was an issue as well.

During the massage, I was comfortable, relaxed and fell asleep. After the massage, there was some pain relief. I highly recommend Suannie.

Alfred North

Remedial and Scar Tissue Release Therapy

I highly recommend Suannie’s services for her care and kindness in dealing with my ongoing neck issues.

She has helped immensely in working on my tracheostomy scar and relieving the consistent pain I had. I can now move my neck freely again.

Thanks, Suannie – you’re a star!!

Lynda Stevenson


I have been to Suannie many times over the past couple of years and I have experienced her Therapeutic massage as well as her Deep Tissue Sports Massage which is generally my reason for going.

I work a physical job and often end up with aches and pain, usually the neck and shoulders, sometimes the lower back and legs.

Suannie knows her stuff, she works those kinks and pains out of my muscles and I always leave feeling relaxed and with far freer movements.

Suannie keeps up with professional development too and this set her apart from many of the other massage therapists locally. I highly recommend her.

Julie Ann


Post Surgery Therapy


Suannie treated me during the recovery of my third ACL reconstruction surgery.

She demonstrated extreme care and gentleness through massage therapy and aided my recovery. Her knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is outstanding.

I highly recommend her to anyone needing help along the healing pathway of orthopaedic surgery.

Debra Maheno

Remedial and Sport Massage

I feel very lucky to have met Suannie in the early days of her massage training.

She is very caring and was keen to learn more through her own research to achieve a fix for my problem.

She takes huge pride in her work. I highly recommend Suannie to sort out your body’s issues!!

Heather White

Sport Massage, Muscle Recovery


I have visited Suannie a number of times now, receiving sports massages to aid with muscle recovery while training for top-level cycling competitions in NZ and overseas.

I can’t recommend her services enough and will definitely be coming back in the future!

Samuel Miller

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Scar Tissue Release Therapy


I have been seeing Suannie since March 2019 post-op, then chemo, radiation and now lymph node drainage. I now have full use of my arm thanks to Suannie’s magic hands.
Thank you Suannie for your care and kindness.
I would highly recommend.

Suzette Richardson

Remedial, Frozen Shoulder


I went to Suannie as a last effort to find some pain relief and get some movement back in my right arm.

After I had a.medical procedure a nerve was damaged and I ended up with a frozen shoulder.

Suannie was amazing her care, respect and love, great massaging with exercises got me back to having full movement. Before I went I could hardly hold a cup of coffee.

After several weeks of treatment, I got back to full use of my arm and I still have full movement today.

So very appreciative and would highly recommend to anyone.

Shirley Keen

Remedial, Shoulder and Arm


The shoulder is great, Suannie. No pain and gaining more movement each week. Can get it behind my back now. Still working on exercise daily and happily moving on.


Oncology Massage


Thank you Suannie, so generous of you. Craig tells me you are very supportive. Your kindness has overwhelmed Craig, you are a gift from God and we feel blessed for crossing your path. Thank you so much.




Do you think it’s time we have some more appointments or are you away again for now?




My neck needs your expertise, Suannie!




Very good massage.





Yes, you are a magician Suannie. The pain is 80% gone, and I went for a lovely 6kms walk at sandy point. Last night I slept great! Only slightly stiff today.


Personal Health


Just had the most relaxing massage of my life, fully recommend Suannie Burt – Han.




It was great, I’m feeling good. Could do with another massage sometime I think!




I had been trying to cope with plantar fasciitis on both of my feet for more than six months without getting any sustained improvement. Suannie was recommended to me by a family member who was getting regular help with a condition of her own.

From the first treatment, I understood that Suannie was going to be able to help. It was not just her knowledge of how to treat me; she is the sort of person who puts her whole self into her work.

I have now progressed from weekly to monthly visits. In the early stages, I would get to the point where I could almost not walk going into treatment. After Suannie worked her magic, I could stand up straight and walk out. It wasn’t an instant cure it has been a journey, and I am so glad she has taken me along this pathway. I honestly don’t think I would be where I am now without her help.

Would I recommend this amazing lady to everyone. Yes Yes Yes

Tracey Patterson