Remedial, Neck/Back

Great for neck/back pain. Left feeling lighter. Definitely will return, Suannie is the best!

Wiremu Thomas – Jackson

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Scar tissue Management.

Suannie has helped my pain from cording and is very good at getting my lymph fluid moving. She has also helped to soften my scaring so I can use my arms normally. Even though I have been doing the prescribed exercises it is a real relief and relaxing to get massaged by Suannie. I totally recommend her as a therapist.

Debbie O’Connell

Remedial, Neck and Back.

Suannie goes above and beyond and really looks after the client, she’s friendly and caring and really knows her stuff. I look forward to my monthly visits, she will get you back moving freely in no time. Highly recommend.

Candice Sellars

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Very relaxing and therapeutic.

Nicola Brandsen-Caldwell

Remedial, Neck and Lower Back Pain.

Amazing, really good. She is super friendly and caring too. Totally going back and totally recommend!

Cristian Diaz

Remedial, Shoulder and Arm.

Very good. I’ll be going back.

Tony Paul

Remedial, Lower Back Pain.

The massage was excellent. I had pain in my back, and the massage helped me a lot to reduce the pain. Great customer service. Thank you!

Andrea Garcia

Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Therapy

Professional and friendly approach which puts you at ease straight away. Suannie has given me relief from vascular issues, after years of pain. I can’t recall a time that my legs felt this good. The massage was incredibly relieving. I felt a ‘gush’ (for want of a better word) heading back up towards my heart. I’ll be back. Thanks again!


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

For the last 4 weeks I have been having Manual Lymphatic Drainage done by Suannie. What a positive change. I am finally losing weight after years of holding fluid. I feel so much lighter, and my legs don’t feel like led anymore. The color, texture and shape has changed for the better. I had tree like trunk legs but now I am seeing shape to my legs. I only had 4 treatments and noticed a lot of changes. I’m waiting for my medical compression garment, Suannie ordered for me.

What a blessing to have found you Suannie. You are very professional and Southland is very blessed to have you available. You’re very knowledgeable for sufferers like me. I have Lipedema and it’s only you that has found a way to treat my condition finally. So, thank you once again.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Scar Tissue Therapy

I had swollen ankles, heavy and tired legs after work. My job is a physical one. Suannie worked on my scar tissue at my right thigh. I also had Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage which helps It’s one of the best decision I’ve made to come for therapy with Suannie. I was also fitted with a pair of medical compression garment which helps with my aching legs.

I would most definitely recommend Suannie. I found her easy to talk to, friendly and professional. I have decided to come for monthly maintenance massage.


Post Knee Surgery

7 months Post Knee Surgery, (Total Knee Replacement) had a fall. Two sessions and I’m totally back on track. Thank you Suannie


Remedial, Neck

Totally recommend this lovely lady! Had been a pain in the neck for the past week, lol, HAD a pain in the neck for the past week. Got treated yesterday and wow so so much better. Pain-free today, first time in 8 days!! Yippee, a big thank you to you.

Joan Mills

Remedial, Post Injury

Suannie is amazing. She fixed my injured foot and now I walk better than before. And she is very polite and very professional.


Post Breast Cancer, Manual Lymphatic drainage and Scar Tissue Release

I can recommend Suannie.
I went to her last week with swollen ankles and limited arm movement after a mastectomy and lymph nodes removal. She explained what she was going to do and worked on my scar tissue and massage my shoulder which meant I was able to get more movement from my shoulder.

She also massaged my legs and there was a noticeable difference in the amount of swelling afterwards. It was a gentle and relaxing treatment. Looking forward to my next treatment.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Have suffered swollen legs for the last few years, feeling very self-conscious. My doctor told me about a year ago I had Lymphedema. Because recently my legs have begun to ache and look even more swollen, I decided to try and find a massage therapist, as my doctor wasn’t very helpful in this area. I found Suannie’s web page and liked what I read. I make an appt for today and was very happy with the information, time and consideration Suannie gave me. She is very thorough and explained that I may appear to have a condition similar to Lipodema and what the plan would be for me. I could feel the effect on my legs straight away as she massaged. I look forward to my next appt next week. Such a lovely lady and makes you feel comfortable. Thank you, Suannie.


Remedial, Lower Back Pain.

Thank you Suannie, with the pain in the lower back gone and plenty of movement now.  Feel completely different to yesterday and thanks for seeing me so quickly.

Andrew Forde

Post Surgery/Scar Tissue Management

I would recommend Suannie for post knee surgery massage. (Total Knee Replacement)  She has helped me to get better movements in my knee and reduced swelling. She has also worked on my scar tissue.

Marian Hay



Suannie is amazing. Very professional and knows what she is doing. Had an amazing sore knee therapy. I would highly recommend her.

Chethana Dias Nagahawatta

Personal Wellness


Suannie made me feel totally comfortable which gave me the ability to fully relax. Her massage skills and personality were professional, in an atmosphere which everyone will enjoy. I fully recommend Body Dynamics.


Remedial, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

I have been going to Suannie for MLD as part of my Lipodema treatment plan. The results I have had from my treatments are amazing. Suannie has great knowledge of a very unknown disease. I would highly recommend her.

Cindy Kennedy

Oncology Massage

A friend referred me to Suannie three months after I completed chemotherapy and Radiation. I was suffering from a severe constant pain at various parts of my body, including my knees. I could not sleep, and fatigue was an issue as well.

During the massage, I was comfortable, relaxed and fell asleep. After the massage, there was some pain relief. I highly recommend Suannie.

Alfred North

Remedial and Scar Tissue Release Therapy

I highly recommend Suannie’s services for her care and kindness in dealing with my ongoing neck issues. She has helped immensely in working on my tracheostomy scar and relieving the consistent pain I had.  I can now move my neck freely again.
Thanks, Suannie – you’re a star!!

Lynda Stevenson


I have been to Suannie many times over the past couple of years and I have experienced her Therapeutic massage as well as her Deep Tissue Sports Massage which is generally my reason for going. I work a physical job and often end up with aches and pain, usually the neck and shoulders, sometimes the lower back and legs. Suannie knows her stuff, she works those kinks and pains out of my muscles and I always leave feeling relaxed and with far freer movements. Suannie keeps up with professional development too and this set her apart from many of the other massage therapists locally. I highly recommend her.

Julie Ann


Post Surgery Therapy


Suannie treated me during the recovery of my third ACL reconstruction surgery. She demonstrated extreme care and gentleness through massage therapy and aided my recovery. Her knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is outstanding and I highly recommend her to anyone needing help along the healing pathway of orthopaedic surgery.

Debra Maheno

Remedial and Sport Massage

I feel very lucky to have met Suannie in the early days of her massage training. She is very caring and was keen to learn more through her own research to achieve a fix for my problem. She takes huge pride in her work. I highly recommend Suannie to sort out your body’s issues!!

Heather White

Sport Massage, Muscle Recovery


I have visited Suannie a number of times now, receiving sports massages to aid with muscle recovery while training for top-level cycling competitions in NZ and overseas. I can’t recommend her services enough and will definitely be coming back in the future!

Samuel Miller

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Scar Tissue Release Therapy


I have been seeing Suannie since March 2019 post-op, then chemo, radiation and now lymph node drainage. I now have full use of my arm thanks to Suannie’s magic hands.
Thank you Suannie for your care and kindness.
I would highly recommend.

Suzette Richardson

Remedial, Frozen Shoulder


I went to Suannie as a last effort to find some pain relief and get some movement back in my right arm. After I had a.medical procedure a nerve was damaged and I ended up with a frozen shoulder. Suannie was amazing her care, respect and love, great massaging with exercises got me back to having full movement. Before I went I could hardly hold a cup of coffee. After several weeks of treatment, I got back to full use of my arm and I still have full movement today. So very appreciative and would highly recommend to anyone.

Shirley Keen

Remedial, Shoulder and Arm


The shoulder is great, Suannie. No pain and gaining more movement each week. Can get it behind my back now. Still working on exercise daily and happily moving on.


Oncology Massage


Thank you Suannie, so generous of you. Craig tells me you are very supportive. Your kindness has overwhelmed Craig, you are a gift from God and we feel blessed for crossing your path. Thank you so much.




Do you think it’s time we have some more appointments or are you away again for now?




My neck needs your expertise, Suannie!




Very good massage.





Yes, you are a magician Suannie. The pain is 80% gone, and I went for a lovely 6kms walk at sandy point. Last night I slept great! Only slightly stiff today.


Personal Health


Just had the most relaxing massage of my life, fully recommend Suannie Burt – Han.




It was great, I’m feeling good. Could do with another massage sometime I think!




I had been trying to cope with plantar fasciitis on both of my feet for more than six months without getting any sustained improvement. Suannie was recommended to me by a family member who was getting regular help with a condition of her own.

From the first treatment, I understood that Suannie was going to be able to help. It was not just her knowledge of how to treat me; she is the sort of person who puts her whole self into her work.

I have now progressed from weekly to monthly visits. In the early stages, I would get to the point where I could almost not walk going into treatment. After Suannie worked her magic, I could stand up straight and walk out. It wasn’t an instant cure it has been a journey, and I am so glad she has taken me along this pathway. I honestly don’t think I would be where I am now without her help.

Would I recommend this amazing lady to everyone. Yes Yes Yes

Tracey Patterson