Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy

This massage technique is specific to lymphatic pathways and promotes the reabsorption of proteins and fluid back into the bloodstream without causing redness or pain. Besides, it helps reduce physical issues, such as swelling, pain, fatigue, and fluid retention.

Manual lymphatic drainage enhances the immune system by promoting lymph flow. It primes the immune system to fight infections. It removes harmful organic matter such as pathogens, viruses and cellular waste along with stopping hazardous inorganic materials such as certain heavy metals from entering the bloodstream. The massage also has the effects of reducing stress and fatigue, along with a chance of improving sleep.

This therapy is unsuitable for those with cardiac or renal conditions. Please inform the therapist if you are an asthmatic and insulin-dependent diabetic.

Recommended for preventative and maintenance care.


30 mins = $40.00

60 mins = $70.00

90 mins = $100.00

Recommended for maintenance and preventative care