Personal Health and Wellness Massage

Personal health and wellness massages are typically meant for relaxation and/or general wellbeing. They help those who are overwhelmed by the stressors and demands of a busy life.

Relaxation massage addresses many physiological aspects of the body such as reducing blood pressure and slowing down the heart rate to assist the body to relax. The therapeutic touch results in the brain releasing hormones (biochemical transmitters) that put the body and mind into a deeply relaxed, even blissful state. Our breathing slows down and we breath deeper.

As a result, stress is alleviated and the person feels more energized after the massage. Common feedback from our personal health and wellness massage includes people feeling refreshed, restored, and replenished with energy on a physical, mental and emotional level.

This type of massage is recommended for treatment and maintenance care.


75 mins $135.00

Recommended for maintenance and preventative care