Post Breast Cancer Massage

The Post Breast Cancer massage helps Breast Cancer survivors adapt to life post-treatment. It addresses pain, swelling/Lymphedema, fatigue and deficits in movement through a specific therapeutic touch/techniques without causing pain.

At the healed surgical/radiation site, massage therapy reduces pain, scarring, lumpiness, and numbness. It also restores movements at the shoulder that may have become restricted.

Massage Therapy in conjunction with exercises, is beneficial in releasing cording (cord-like/axillary web syndrome structures under the skin of the inner arm that sometimes accompany breast cancer treatments). Cording may develop from the treatment site to the thorax, upper arm, elbow, forearm and right down to the wrist.

Breast Cancer survivors have a lifelong risk of developing lymphoedema (swelling), which we can help manage through various therapy options.

This type of massage is recommended for treatment, preventative, and maintenance care.

75 mins $135 (Taping included, as per necessary)
Breast Cancer Foundation

A home visit is available and it incurs mileage charges. (Conditions apply)