Pre & Post Surgery/Trauma Therapy

Pre Surgery
It’s common for people to experience stress, fear, anxiety and sleep disturbances prior to surgery. A pre-surgery massage helps your mind and body be in an optimal state. It support your mental health, your soft tissues and is likely to reduce the overall impact of discomfort post surgery. Besides, it has the potential to expedite recovery time. For best results 1 or 2 massages 2 to 4 days before the surgery is recommended.

Post Surgery
Post-surgery massage is suitable for all key hole (minimally invasive) and open surgery. It is beneficial for:
Hip and Knee replacement
Shoulder and Elbow injuries/ Soft Tissue Traumas
Cardio/Cardiothoracic (Heart/Chest)
Lipedema surgery

This massage does not cause any pain, instead it reduces pain, swelling, bruising, muscle tension and fluid retention. It also addresses scar tissues (fibrosis) which inhibits movement range, tight and contracted muscles, short of breath (or afraid to breath) and misalignment of muscles affecting joints.

A critical aspect of post-surgery massage therapy is that it mitigates the complication of “chronic post-surgical pain”, that persists for longer than three months. Additionally, massage therapy regulates the body’s response to stress, pain, inflammation, swelling, expedite soft tissue healing, and increase the likelihood of successful rehabilitation.

The therapy focuses on addressing stress and the body’s anxieties that are associated with fear of pain provocation, avoidance behavior, muscle guarding and peripheral tissue tension. Subsequently, it promotes tissue healing and active recovery.

3 – 6 treatment sessions for post-surgery recovery is recommended depending on your condition.

Scar Tissue Release
Is suitable for treatment six weeks post-surgery. Scar release therapy plays a significant role in reducing pain, stiffness, thickness, itchiness, numbness, impaired circulation, and ineffective movements as a result of excessive collagen and adhesion. Recommended three or more treatment sessions depending on the extent of scarring and adhesions.


75 mins $135.00

A home visit is available and it incurs mileage charges. (Conditions apply)