Remedial/Therapeutic Massage

Is grounded in clinical reasoning and guided by robust science based information. This type of massage uses a multi-discipline approach to address muscular and soft tissue pain, swelling, discomfort, injuries and deficits in range of motion.

Whether through work or leisure/life-style activities, when soft tissues such as muscles/tendons are underused/overused/overloaded and placed under constant tensile stress over time, they may developed weakness/hypertension, lengthened/shortened, hyper-sensitive/altered firing patterns and become imbalanced. As a result they inevitably affect other tissues/joints and developed trigger points, tears/injuries and conditions which causes pain.

Neuro-Muscular Technique (NMT) and a range of other modalities is used for treatment. The therapies are aim at re-alignment/healing of soft tissues surrounding joints, restoration of muscle strength function and movements without causing intense pain.

The initial consultation involves a thorough intake of health history, examination of the tissues, orthopedic tests, identifying the cause(s) of your main complaint and discomfort. Based on the findings, an individualized treatment plan specific to your condition is implemented, recommendations of self-managed home exercises and options for follow-up visits are made.

We recommend remedial massage for treatment, preventative and maintenance care.


75 mins $135 (Not including taping)