Remedial massage (therapeutic)

Remedial massage is grounded in clinical reasoning and guided by robust evidence-based research. This form of massage therapy addresses pain, discomfort and a restricted range of motion.

When soft tissues such as muscles are overused or overloaded and placed under constant tensile stress over time, they become imbalanced. Because of the imbalance,  trigger points developed, which causes pain.

Remedial massage alters the neurophysiology (state) of soft tissues. It alleviates pain and has a direct influence on pain receptors.

Our initial consultation involves a thorough intake of health history, a  diagnosis, identifying the cause(s) of your chief complaint and discomfort.  From there, we implement an individualised treatment plan specific to your condition and recommend options for follow-up visits.

We recommend remedial massage for treatment, preventative and maintenance care.


30 mins = $40.00
(Please consult a therapist to assess suitability for your condition)

60 mins = $70.00

90 mins = $100.00