How successful are you with your New Years’ Resolution?

02 January 2020

What are some personal changes which you aspire to this year? Does it ring a bell the standard ones are losing weight, exercising more and eating healthier?

You are absolutely resolved when you set your resolutions, aren’t you? However, statistics reveal a grim picture. Many of us lose our resolve within three months! Unfortunately, a dismal 80% of us fail because of unrealistic expectations. I too am guilty of recycling some of my resolutions from previous years.

However, I have a success story to share from 2019. I learnt from my experience; you are more likely to succeed when you start with the minimal – one proactive goal. My goal was “staying healthy” and I planned to execute a single prong approach rather than multiple. I choose to merely increase my water intake to achieve my goal.

The process was a slow and steady plan of small increment daily. Hence, it was neither daunting nor stressful for me. The key to my success was choosing my preferred fluid which was water from the tap. Besides, I reigned in my ambitions when setting my goal.

The take-home message is you too can be successful with your set goal(s). Any, if not all decisions can be made at any time of year not limited to the crack of dawn on New Year. Suppose your goal is to lose weight, I suggest choosing a single approach for the likely chances for success. Is there any physical activity that you might enjoy consistently for over a long period? Hence, there is no stress and no pain involved.

This ingenious little plan may yield the desired result you are after!

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