All the best wishes to everyone for 2021!

04 January 2021
Ushering the  New Year with fireworks!
Ushering in the New Year. Roll on 2021!

I wish all readers, wonderful clients, and potential clients good health and a stealth fast faith that we will win the fight against Covid virus! With a global effort from scientists, virologists, epidemiologists and strong leaders blessed with incredible minds, how wouldn’t we? Besides, vaccines are now being rolled out for those most vulnerable in the communities.

No matter how often the virus mutates, or the strains that appear on our shores, I believe we will overcome. As it is, we do exceptionally well in our common effort as a diverse little nation, from our businesses to our communities, from our homes and down to every person adhering to the health ministry guidelines.

Although last year has brought about unprecedented challenges and heartaches on so many levels, it has also brought about many positive discoveries and changes in our lives and priorities. I discovered just how awesome and supportive my neighbours across the street were. Lucky old me!

Even though as ironic as it may sound from a health professional, I realised I need to change my schedules to accommodate me for self-care! Much as I enjoy my job, the late Toni Morrison (Nobel prize winner) sums up how I feel, “Passion is never enough, neither is the skill”.

I hope we go forth in 2021 with newfound truths that matter to each of us, living healthier, happier and fulfilled lives.

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