Street Appeal For The Breast Cancer Foundation

01 November 2020

On Friday, 30th October, I was at Mitre 10, Invercargill. I was with another volunteer at this collection center. Initially, I had some apprehension. Because firstly, men primarily gravitate to this hardware store and secondly, Breast Cancer is perceived to affect women only. For those reasons, I wasnt expecting our collection can to sound off its “Ca-Ching” like a cash register from bygone days.

Well, I could not be further off course as I witnessed just as many men as women came through the door. Being the start of the Spring season, I spied trolley loads of compost, plants and seedlings left the store in quick successions.

The People Of Southland

The women donated mainly coins. For the most part, dollar notes of different denominations made their way from wallets to our collection pool. Surprisely, men outnumbered women in donating. Pensioners were equally generous.

Although some people were busy, I am grateful they took the time to stop at our station to donate and exchanged pleasantries. In contrast, others in their unhurried pace donated, conversed, laughed and shared personal stories. However, we were hopeful for those in their fight against Breast Cancer.

This Street Appeal, for the Breast Cancer Foundation, left me with the impression how warm-spirited, down to earth, friendly and generous Southlanders are. Certainly, I am proud of our togetherness in support of a worthy cause. Without any doubts in my mind, we are all heroes for the day!

Allocation Of Collected Fund

72% is spent on research, education and raising awareness, supporting women, reserves to sustain long-term project. 14% for admin and another 14% for fundraising.

A Great Cause To Support

Suppose you have some spare time, would you considered volunteering for the Cancer Foundation Street Appeal next year? You would not regret the experience, I didn’t!

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