Taking off with your goals

14 January 2020

Goals and objectives are related. Research indicates a well-formulated objective is more effective in achieving results as it states how goals are reached. Objectives with action-orientated verbs aim to deliver intentions of pursuing a goal. George T Doran first wrote about SMART, Management’s Goals and Objectives, in 1981. This concept is still relevant to this day. Hence, adaptations were made and applied to other sectors. The Health and Personal Development sectors have adopted this model.

Be SMART in setting your goal(s)

For instance, you aim to lose weight. The simple plan with a likely chance of success is to start with the minimal. However, when you incorporate the specifics of SMART (acronym) to your goal, your objectives become clear and well defined. Here is how you can check your objectives with SMART criteria.

The characteristics of SMART

Specific (Sensible and Clear Action) – You set your target weight

Measurable (Motivating factors) – You walk 3x weekly for 30mins. You then increase the distance and time in stages to optimise outcomes.

Achievable (Attainable to you) – You lose a minimal of 400gms weekly.

Relevant (Realistic about the resources available to you) – You achieve your goal.

Time (Time-bound within a given frame) – You lose X kgs by X time.

SMART equips you with a simple and efficient means of organising your goals and putting a clear plan into action. Your progress can be measured, and your success tracked. Go ahead, make your goals your reality!

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