Welcome to Body Dynamics

02 January 2020

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and fabulous New Year celebration with friends and family. A penny for your thoughts on how 2020 will play out for you? As for myself, I like to think 2020 will bring 365 opportunities! For the time being, I have hit the pause button on setting new years’ resolution. However, I’m excited to discover, learn and hone my skill sets and knowledge that 2020 has installed for me.

My practice is open on the 6 January for bookings and appointments. I hope 2020 brings a fresh wind of change, dreams and inspirations for you. Enjoy your summer holidays.


Latest News

A quick reference for Lipoedema and manual lymphatic drainage therapy
09 October 2020

You may have noticed; some women present a relatively small upper body compared to a massive lower? In fact, 11% of all women are affected in New Zealand. Thus, they… Read more

It’s Lipoedema, and it’s not always a weight issue!
09 October 2020

Lipoedema is a disorder of fat tissue metabolism and distribution. In the later stage, Lipolymphedema develops. There is no cure for Lipoedema. However, it can be managed with Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy and Compression Therapy.

Why Choose A Registered Massage Therapist?
24 September 2020

In a city of 50,328, there is no shortage of massage therapists in the metropolis of Invercargill. Health consumers here do not lack choice rather the challenging decision of selecting… Read more